Ketnet Checklist Day

On Sunday August 25th Ketnet, a Belgian television network, organised the Checklist day at Bokrijk.
The Ketnet Checklist is a list of 50 things children should do before the age of 12. Some examples are have a pillow fight, drive a tractor, walk around in a maze,... On this Checklist Day the children could do 14 of the 50 things on the list in 1 day.

For check N°43 ( play with candy) Ketnet asked Sweet Paradise for help.

Sweet Paradise made sure there was enough candy for more than 5000 children.
The children could choose the candy they wanted and use it to build their own tipi out of candy.
Needless to say the children had a great day and enjoyed all the sweets.

You can find some pictures of the Ketnet Checklist Day on this page.
Check our Facebookpage for all the pictures of this fun day.

Ketnet Checklist Dag 1


Ketnet Checklist Dag 2

Ketnet Checklist Dag 3



Ketnet Checklist Dag 4

Ketnet Checklist Dag 5